Lollipops and sweets

An unlimited amount of sweets is every child’s dream.  As much as modern confectionery manufacturing relies on scientific knowledge, children seem to be most fond of the “old-fashioned” bright, colourful lollipops coming in different shapes, including candy canes and round lollipops. However, it’s not only children who like them – grown-ups seem to be fond of lollipops too, with the aim of not only sweetening their palate, but also reviving their childhood memories.

Have you ever wondered what it is about lollipops that makes them so adorable? Is it the very fact they are so colourful? Or might it be related to lollipop Christmas decorations seen in cartoons?  What we know for sure is that seeing all the different colours stirs our imagination and instantly makes us feel better.

A candy on a stick or a barber pole candy is a type of candy which can match the most perfect types of candy. The key reason for it is the fact that a lollipop is a combination of a simple shape and catchy colour schemes.

When it comes to its manufacturing, a lollipop is considered to be an “old-fashioned” candy, but that is exactly what makes it so appreciated, along with the fact it is handcrafted to a traditional recipe, using natural food dyes and a variety of flavours.
We hope our range of lollipops will bring joy to children and infect the grown-ups with the childlike joy virus, too.


Candies are colourful sweet treats made of sugar and water, which melt in your mouth. Since consumer-preferred tastes and flavours are a matter of individual choice, confectioners have developed numerous lines of products to satisfy a wide range of palates. You can choose from a selection of chocolate, fruit and sour candies, as well as those whose flavours are reminiscent of other treats. Whichever kind you choose, you are bound to taste heavenly flavours.

There is probably no person who dislikes candies or who does not experience pleasure and happiness when eating them. We treat children to them, grown-ups make a gift of them in specially-designed boxes and they are often used as Christmas tree decorations.

It is worth noting that certain kinds of candies can also be called bonbons. The word bonbon is derived from the French word bon and the Latin bonus, both meaning good. When pronouncing this word, we feel as if cooing over a baby. Additionally, when showing fondness, we often say someone is as sweet as a bonbon candy.

We are glad to present you with an opportunity to taste different kinds of candies made to traditional recipes. Visit our website to browse through the assortment of candy products and pick your favourites.